Blueprints Are Bad for Humans

Blueprints are essentially just a copy of a working plan viewed at its final stage, which is why they are called blueprints. They are mostly used in the planning and design of tangible things.

The term is overused on the internet, making you feel that you can create a system for anything and everything, and then you’re done. Whether it’s making a website or trying to start a business, everything is marketed as a package that you just need to understand and replicate.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this. But when you are introduced to a blueprint, your brain thinks 80 percent of the job is done, and the remaining 20 percent is just about replicating thingsā€”a nicer word for copying.

Imagine if it were this easy, then everyone with a blueprint would be successful.

Consider if you get hold of a blueprint for a new car model or a spacecraft; what use would it be to you? If you are not a scientist or an automotive engineer, it would be of no use.

Similarly, if you get a blueprint for print-on-demand or a new business or anything over the internet, what use might it be for you if you are not mentally prepared to do all the required tasks?

You may say you are willing to put in all the efforts. But how will you know what these efforts are? Because the blueprint suggests only the steps and direction, which may or may not work. It has no connection to the effort involved.

How did this blueprint come into the picture in the first place?

Someone went through all the effort and problems and failed multiple times. With experience and perseverance, they reached this point. And now you are starting from this point.

Consider a runner in athletics.

You can have their blueprint as well. But when you get the blueprint, you won’t be able to run in the Olympics immediately.

You will have to slog through yourself, trying and doing everything because the blueprint was made by someone for someone according to their situation, needs, and requirements, which are totally different from yours.

You may get steps to start with, but beyond that, nothing can be helpful because everything is a journey. And nothing can beat that. Everything takes time.

And if you have to slog through to get ready for the Olympics, then why get a blueprint? That is where the coach comes in. When you hire a coach, he has the capacity to develop a new blueprint for you, customized to your behavior, requirements, and capacity.

A coach will always say, “I can guide you but cannot do the work.”

What this means in terms of a blueprint is that it can only guide you. But the term ‘blueprint’ has been used so much and presented in such a way that people think it’s the ticket to success. And unlike a coach, there is no one to remind you, pester you, or push you to your limits.

That is the reason I feel blueprints are not made for most of us who want to be successful. You cannot follow someone else’s routine because they have developed it based on their needs, not for someone else.

And this is the reason everyone needs motivation because it is not something your nature or being has decided or wants. It is something working as an enforcement.

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