Motivation A poison?

Motivation is a great thing for us humans to have and recognise. Without it, we would not be able to think or have a place to restart. It is the thing about motivation that almost all of us require—a place to get started and a place to kick back after a set.

I can talk about many beauties of motivation, but everything in life comes with a pinch of salt. Eating is good for health, but overeating and sliding into depression eating is just as easy as eating something you like without even knowing.

The same is the case with motivation. Not intrinsically, but eventually. Because when we are set back, we normally cave into our thoughts and mind games shown by the mind, which is certainly not in the state to make judgments. And due to this, we look for motivation here and there. This is just one of the cases though.

The true poison of motivation is when you think something will happen after motivation has kicked in. That is where it starts to poison the being.

Put in simple words, you cannot be motivated and do the work at the same time. Humans, or at least I have observed this in person, when you are motivated, you lose the perception of reality and think you can do anything, which is good. But the hairline problem is because you are so high, you think you can do it tomorrow. And now, this becomes a vicious cycle of the chicken or the egg: Who came first? And it goes on and on.

My Simple Observations

Because of the things mentioned above, motivational channels on YouTube have views in the millions for almost every video. And you very well know these are snippets and playbacks from all different sources or words from various personalities. Please note, I am not against them. They do a very good job.

On the other hand, people who teach skills or have educational content, which requires effort on an individual front, seldom have views in the thousands or many times in multiples of hundreds.

Look at Gary V; he has awesome content and simple things, and in one of the videos, he mentioned, people say I speak the same things all the time. And he replied, “What do you want me to make stuff up? The problem is, things are simple and offered for free, and it does not have value.”

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